Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Nadia's in Dublin!!!!!!!
Quite surreal to me because it happened at (relatively) the last minute and yeah she's here!!! It's her 2nd day in Dubs and I decided to bring her to the outskirts of Dublin to enjoy the harbour side and some seafood!
We shared a seafood platter which was so so good it's insane. Basically they had everything (calamari, cod fish, crab cake) fried with luvv. We then walked at the pier, took some photos (surprise surprise) and we saw a seal! It disappeared after 10 seconds though..

But here's a photo of Nadia with the creepy skeleton scuba diver at the pier.

_SAM7003 _SAM7065 _SAM7036
"Marissa in a photo = awkward"

We then went back to the city for tea at a cute little quaint coffee shop with the best desserts ever. I may have exaggerated. But that was how I felt at the time. I ordered this Sicilian dessert which was basically cream cheese, cinnamon, pistachios, chocolate chips and biscotti and it was soo heavenly. Definitely coming back soon. The place is called Sweet Sicily, just incase you're ever around and curious to try it out. Or whatever haha Just take my word for it you guys. _SAM7066
Afterwards, we went to Georges Archade, which is a marketplace for vintage antiques, clothes and quirky house decor. Found a new store that sells these really cool candles where you can choose your favourite scents and mix them. super cool and super brilliant! Especially if you want your room smelling a little different and more you I guess. Since it's more personalised? Super cheap too! it was €4.50 for 8 pieces! (Y) x2
Anyways, that's all from me for now. Tomorrow we're headed to Wicklow for some greenery sightseeing! Totally siked. Let's just hope the weather's on our side. For once.

Till then xx

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