Wednesday, May 13, 2015


So I am finally done with exams. This is the exact same line I used in all my social medias, and I just thought, why not use it here too. Just because I'm boring with words. Just kidding I'm a big ball of fun-nessness. Just kidding.

Anyways it's been 2 days since I've been done with finals and IT FEELS AMAZING. Exam week, as we all know is hell. and my papers have been back to back to back and no matter how much sleep i get, I still feel so sleep deprived. Heck my eyes are still swollen and watery. But I have so many things planned out in the summer, it's keeping me occupied and, stopping me from sleeping the day away. For starters, I started a street style project with my girl Nadia and we didn't really continue it because we both got busy and the commitment wasn't there.  But I have some ideas to get it going and I'm really really positive about it this time 'round. But that'll be once I get home, so prior to THAT, I've planned some fun things for myself such as voluntary projects here and there, (very light stuff nothing big honestly, didn't start applications early unfortunately /: ) and guys. I'm going somewhere I've been wanting to go since forever and ever. It's a pretty clich├ęd place for a girl to wanna go to but it's been a dream of mine. It's the birth place of men's clothing becoming a woman's. I'm slowly making the destination obvious for y'all. So yea I'm mega excited and I'm going with some of the most important people in my life. Chehh wink wink 

So many more things to look forward to, even my baju raya!! My dad chose the materials for me which is super cute, because he's never really been interested in going baju raya shopping. But this time he says it's 'cause he misses me. so he decided to tag along with mom to find my raya fabrics. hahaha Long story short, I was very very impressed x) Sent drawings and pictures to my mom so I'm pretty anxious and excited to see how they turn out!
As for personal shopping, if you know me well enough then you should be impressed to hear that I have not done any. In a while. Of course it's because of exams but I'm also trying to save up for my trip. My mom has this thing where she brings the most minimum amount of clothes when she goes travelling, so she could just wear the stuff she buys on the trip. Totally economical in terms of baggage weight , at the same time you get to wear new stuff on your holiday! win-win. BTW mom does this on a shopping trip only k, she wouldn't not pack clothes when it's like a hiking trip or something you frealls rn

So that's all for now, I'm hoping to blog a little more because I have time now. haha! and I'm gonna start selling my clothes online again, but this will be for Ireland/UK only because of this really cool selling app I found hahaha. Updates soon. I'll carousel my clothes in Malaysia maybe, since it's such a big thing now.

Till then!

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