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Is it really March already?????? Can't believe how fast everything's moving! Easter break is here, in April I'll be sitting for my finals before I move on to THIRD YEAR OF MED SCHOOL,  then in May I'll be back home! My life hasn't been crazy exciting but at least I can safely say that I'm not as bored and depressed as I was in first year?

Guys, when people tell you 'time will tell', it's not sht. It's true. Took me a while to love it here, and (above all) find people I can be my utmost self with. So yea, take your time in everything. Patience is a virtue, good things come to those who wait (at the same time werq pls don't just expect magic beans), and all that jazzzz. Well, workload is still crazy heavy but it's all good. The good stuff isn't always easy anyways kan, so give and take.

Easter break I have decided not to travel to save money. Yes, I have decided to catch up on some work, maybe go around Ireland or something. Bottom line, not going anywhere or doing anything fancy so I can buy the new Monki Spring coat. Kidding! or not

While we're technically on the subject of money, I'd like to share with you some of the things I got in the month of February and January. Not even gonna call them my faves because I hardly bought anything (of which I am so proud of) so they're hardly favourites. But I'm loving them so far. So YAS 

1. Origins Make a Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Treatment (night time moisturiser)
My skin has been crazy dry over the winter, & I get breakouts too. Every time I put on makeup it just looks cakey and basically unhealthy. I've been using Origins for a year now and (thank you Hanis Rafar) I SWEAR BY IT. Its made of natural ingredients and my sensitive skin has been appreciating it like nothing else. As for this particular one, I use it at night to replenish the moisture and I always wake up with the best feeling on my skin. I was using the Night a Mins and it is also so very good, but it doesn't really moisturise my skin as well. So I only use it on weekends when I'm heavily snacking and not really sleeping well. To those of you with oily or not so dry skin, nightamins is magic. Make a difference makes my cheeks babeyh soft. (more or less). Touch wood, my breakouts are also kept to a minimum so yes origins, u did good.

2. Chanel's Perfection LumiƩre Foundation
Choosing the perfect foundation to me is the biggest deal. Took me years to find one that's durable, not oily, not dry (because lucky me for my extreme combo skin-sarcasm), blends smoothly over my daily moisturiser, and most importantly NOT CLOG UP PORES. This is my saviour. Takes me forever to finish one bottle too because you really don't need too much. The coverage is also ace!! So girls/guys with mild to moderate sensitive skin, trust me on this x


3. Topshop Highlighter (horizon)
I have never used highlighters ever in my life because well, my skin is already oily as it is, didn't need it looking extra shiny. But I bought a baked blusher from e.l.f & since baked blushers have that shimmery highlighter effect going on, I actually like how it looked. So I thought, why not get one but something that's not too high end cz I was still experimenting. But I gotta say, Horizon's pretty ace. Obviously I don't have too many to compare it with but if you wanna start, I say green light on this one :). Glowy and nice and not too shimmery like you campak glitter like that.


3. Maybelline goodies: Instant anti-age the Eraser Eye & Lip Liners
The only things I've gotten from Maybelline are their BB Creams and they're gold! But I've been recently seeing the under eye concealers in a lot of beauty reviews, plus I have quite prominent dark circles under my eyes. So I thought I'd give it a go, and it's been fantastic! It doesn't form those annoying clumps after a long day and there are not too many shades to choose from, and it still blends perfectly. (y)
As for the liners, I wanted a nude one because I lost my MAC (soar) one and I didn't wanna spend too much money. So this particular one is the Colour Drama range in the colour Nude Perfection.Only used it a few times but it glides like velvet. Well it is called intense velvet. Love it! Got another one in the colour Keep it Classy and it's suuuucha beauty. Love it 2
_SAM6956 _SAM6966

4. Charlotte Tillbury's Matte Revolution (Shade: Amazing Grace)
Been saving up for my first Tillbz lipstick for a while now and I finally got it. And guys. It has.been.magical. Let me tell you this, the texture gives you the soft buttery feeling on your lips & not to mention, the beautiful beautiful beautiful colour. I've never been so in love with a shade of pink lipstick before, & plus it's matte? I have the driest lips, especially post-winter and this one does not dry up my lips at all. It's the most modest, sweet, warm, minimalist shade of pink and I would use it everyday if I could. 

_SAM6964 _SAM6963 5. MUJI scented candles in Black Olive and Jasmine
Makes your room smell like a spa in Bali. full stop

6. Bobbi Brown's Cleansing Oil
I've been using this one since forever and I have and will continue to love it forever. Doesn't dry up/irritate your skin and cleans your makeup like nothing else. It's in the list because I just restocked mine hehe

7. Real Techniques Face Brushes
Guys. This is the real deal. I cannot begin to tell you how long I've waited for a set of the face brushes especially the buffing brush. Don't think you can buy it separately so that's why I've been putting it off. The set was quite steep in price but I caved because I saved. Honestly, if you've got uneven skin tone maybe due to scars or some acne bumps here and there, it'll help you apply your foundation like an airbrush. Seriously though, it's so soft and fluffy and allows for flawless blending (y)
*Sorry about the brushes not being clean, it was midweek 

So that is all for now, if you're on a break, have a lovely spring break. If you're not, hang in there, the best things are always the hardest to achieve. *Q cheesy theme song.  But if you're somewhere warm,  so jealous of you, and your t-shirt & shorts. Damn you.

Till then xx


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