Saturday, January 10, 2015


Where do I start with Amal Azman?
We met in KYUEM in 2011 and although I can vaguely remember our first conversation or our first encounter, I can remember exactly how intrigued I was with this girl who spoke quite a lot, laughed quite a lot and had quite a lovely accent. haha! Yes Mals that was my first impression of you. You had quite the lavly accent.

We had general studies together and I have to admit, was a tonne of fun because of you. And Puan Halijah but mostly you; KY was far from home (for people such as myself who've never lived away from home at least) and I never knew many people when I came to college. It's safe to say that you were one of the first and very few people I could fully be my off-key and pelik self with. All through a couple of blocks of general studies a week and I was smitten by how fun, easy, smart and lovely you are. AND that was also when I found out that you were THREE YEARS YOUNGER than the rest of us! Took me a while to digest it, honestly, because I wouldn't have imagined in a million years that I would meet someone as good and sincere of a friend as you have been to me and to everyone you've met. You truly are a magical bunny that sprinkles gold magical gummy bear insides to the world with such grace and beauty and love and everyone around you is lucky to have you in their lives.
I can only do so much to show you how blessed and grateful I am to have an amigo who makes me feel like awkward and goofy and weird are the best traits anyone could ever possess and should embrace. So thank you Amal for making keli night one of the best nights  in college, for joining me make unta faces instead of questioning it (sumpah u the absolute bomb for that), for sharing the same weird interest in the weirdest youtube videos- which peculiarly amused us for weeks, (linked some of them below just because. hahahhahaha)

1. Panda commercial 
2. Benny Lava
3. Geli Mat
4. Pukui sana pukui sini

..for teaching me the cup song 1846729437862 times just because I'm the slowest learner in the world, for always being patient with me through everything- especially this one time where you, Azam and I got lost on some random highway x) , for always being so understanding and sweet through the times I've hurt you-unintentionally of course!!!!! , for organising the bashing I got on my birthday 1st semester of college, and for just being you. Can't tell you how much I miss living just 5 minutes' walk away from you and seeing you every night in the dining hall. But I know one day we'll be sippin coffee and eating our (finally perfected) apple pie at a holiday retreat in the Bahamas, feeling completely content once we've chased and lived our dreams.

I wish for an eternal amount of happiness and love and an infinite supply of bunnies for you because you obsess wiz bunniez & because you deserve nothing less. I love you so very much and whether you like it or not, this friendship's for life.

Happy Birthday Amal my guilty jug, my loony bun, my benny lava.

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  1. Marissa Malkit ya Allah sumpah sweetnya gurl you mean so much to me and aghhh I don't even know what to say to all these wonderful words. You have been the absolute bestest bestest bestest and I am so lucky and grateful to have you as a friend. Please forgive me for anything I've ever done that's ever hurt you. I just want to thank you for making unta faces with me and thank you for being a great friend and thank you, just for being you.

    Love you to the moon and back.