Monday, August 25, 2014


Been lazy with life basically and Malaysia has been heavenly. Time seemed to be moving rather slowly for the first few days because all I did was wake up, get dressed, settle laundry, breakfast and out to eat some more.
My summer was amazing because for the first time in 9 months I felt the freedom of not having to think of what to cook, which topics needed to be covered before bloody weekly evaluations, or what the weather's like today so I don't leave my hooded jacket when it's going to rain like mad.

Things seem.. easier at home. And the thought of leaving home for Dubs next week is just so unbelievably surreal. Where did my 3 months worth of summer vacay go?????
Anyways, last week was my supposed busy week. Decided to go to Terengganu, the land of good food, +ve vibes and good kaftans (heheheh to kaftans). Then my two best girls in the world turned 21! Oh and the crazy open house+wedding phase everybody had to go through this weekend. Peliknya semua orang nak buat event this weekend jugak?

Traffic was horrible and the whole time I was just imagining my bed at home with a tub of green tea ice-cream on it. Just waiting for me.

So I'm just gonna sum up the one day where my two girls shared a birthday: 23rd August 2014 xx

Jaja's birthday surprise
The cake is banana caramel cake ok. droolzzzzzzz


_SAM4853 _SAM4887 _SAM4875

Zati's birthday
Lighting was shitty so I never really took much photos. Quite disappointed in my lazy ass but what to do hehs

_SAM4917_SAM4934 _SAM4952 _SAM4957

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