Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Here I am, taking a break from one of my many impulsive, spur of the moment decisions. Two days ago, I decided to paint the cabinets in the kitchen at home. The idea sounded good in my head, till I realised that painting the entire kitchen cabinet would mean that I'd have to sit in the kitchen for days. And I am nowhere near being done. zzz

So here I am (taking a 5-30 minutes break), enjoying my Chips More and a cup of over sweetened hot Milo, and I'm gonna blab about my new home back in Dublin!
I never got to blog about it so here we go. We settled into the loveliest lemon yellow coloured house, a couple kilometres away from campus. It is nothing less than perfect and it took a lot of work. Without going into the uninteresting tale of how I finally got the place, let's just go into the fun-ish stuff. We set a price on each room so it'd be fair, so I chose the (furniture-less) living room! Its on the ground floor and next to the kitchen plus I'll have my very own patio!

Not that I'm gonna step outside admiring the 'greenery' every second of the day but there's something about a huge sliding door in the room, (meaning more natural lighting heh heh) that makes the room a major plus for me. Since the landlord decided to pay for the furniture in the room, I decided to get a little creative. But we had a budget, but creative....creative-ish.
Naturally, we went to IKEA to get all the stuff and being cheap asians, we decided to assemble the furniture ourselves, instead of well,  paying 35 euros for people to do it.

_SAM3737 _SAM3755 _SAM3752 _SAM3745 _SAM3761
All in all, Sarah, and I assembled a bed, chest for clothes, and a study table. *Cue the 'I don't need a man' & 'Single ladies' related quotes* -but umm some man power would've saved us some time tho but I'm stickin to my point. hashtag denial
So here's when it's all finally done!
_SAM3766_SAM3819 _SAM3817 _SAM3776
The kitchen, to me, is the best part of the house (well its the best part of any house but you get what I mean). Absolutely inlove with the white cabinets and wooden table tops. Excuse the mess, this picture here was taken on our first night in the house. My sweet pumpkin mouse of a housemate, Tia baked us a butter cake and some chocolate chip cookies as part of our mini 'housewarming'. 
_SAM3808 _SAM3811_SAM3797
Well that's all for now! Can't believe I'm missing the house already. Something's clearly very wrong here. Night xx

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