Monday, August 25, 2014


Mornings are so numb to me. In my mind I'm imagining the idea of a busy busy day and when I actually get out of bed, I don't really feel the need to do anything. It's like I eventually get lazy to participate in ... well life. People like Cameron Diaz in the Charlie's Angels (y'know, one of the first scenes where she wakes up dancing in her undies) make it seem so easy to have a happy early day. Well my mornings are obviously not choreographed by Fred Astaire. I wake up in my retainers and kaftan and the biggest masam face, wondering how my cat entered my room.

So this morning I've decided to kick it slow (surprise, surprise)with some Nina Simone, a cup of hot tea and my laptop to sum up my trip to Terengganu in pictures.

This post was written this morning but I have taken my time with breakfast and lunch, hence the almost evening posting. (Y)

_SAM4651 _SAM4640 _SAM4643 _SAM4765 _SAM4816 _SAM4788 _SAM4762 _SAM4736 _SAM4776 _SAM4791 _SAM4793 _SAM4689
Till next time xxx

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