Thursday, May 29, 2014


It was a pleasant Thursday. More than pleasant really, the weather was tolerable,the food was great, and the company was perfect. Its been six days since I've been home (WOOT) and the jet lag hit me like a big yellow school bus (excuse the irrelevant Mean Girls reference). A day out with my main girl was exactly what I needed. Being abroad for 9 months, we've seen so many new urban-esque, cool cafés with really nice food presentation through social medias that are, well, Instagram-able, VSCOCAM-mable, Pinterest-able, etc etc. Naturally, we wanted to try them out for ourselves and so we did.
Today, we went to the Antipodean Café on Jalan Telawi, Bangsar. I'm pretty sure this one has been around for quite some time, but we just wanted to try out something new to us, at least. _SAM3860

_SAM3854 _SAM3848 _SAM3837 _SAM3840 Dessert afterwards was also unbelievably deadly, especially the deep dark chocolate and gula melaka ice cream from the Artisan Café. I could feel the calories making its way happily to my thighs, but what the heck. _SAM3876 _SAM3869 _SAM3871 _SAM3868

Zati and I, happy faces happy days (Y)

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