Saturday, March 15, 2014


Beautiful day today! Its so sunny and perfect and a lot less windy! (major plus especially when you're living in Ireland). But of course, being the lazy bum that I always am, I decided to stay in with my toast and marmite, and my new favourite flamingo socks, and

So yesterday was massive cheat day. Well not exactly for 'jaga badan' diet, but rather for 'jaga muka'.   Ever since my transition to Dublin, I've been having the absolute worst breakouts and it has really taken its toll on me. I mean, I've never had bad breakouts in my life, not even during my teenage years. Of course there were the usual 'that time of the month' kind of breakouts then, but now its just.. depressing. So Nadia and I came up with a set of rules we'll have to abide to for a month in hopes of seeing at least some form of improvement. They're basically the Dos and Don'ts for acne prone skin, from basics such as 8 glasses of water per day right up to changing pillow cases every week. Whoever breaks any of the rules 3 times, will owe the other a lipstick. Well, guys, its only been a couple of weeks and.. well.. we both owe each other a lipstick.

Back to my cheat day, one of the rules was to not take any fried foods and chocolates (of any form. sad I know). I went out for lunch with Fasiha yesterday and we had this popiah-like dish but with crab meat instead of 'taugeh'. So she calls it the Irish Popiah. It was sooooooo good!

_SAM3192 _SAM3193 _SAM3195
Then we watched Need for Speed (3D)! Not a bad movie, honestly. But I wouldn't choose it over the Fast and Furious franchise. obviously
The both of us were still feeling so hungry, so we went to the famous Queen of Tarts café on Dame Street to have some cakes! And it was heavenly..
  _SAM3200 _SAM3197
They even had chocolate scones!! I obviously wasn't supposed to have any, but for future reference, who knows, when it may be a matter of life and death. haha! Till then, xx

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