Thursday, March 13, 2014


From listening to Destiny Child's Charlies Angels on those 90s mix CDs my parents played in the car, to singing along to their song on Disney Channel's Proud Family, to giggling to her Naughty Girl music video when I was 10, to our very own Beyoncé Night in college and now, finally to an actual concert where I got to see with my very own eyes, this amazing, flawless woman herself. And I kid you not, she was literally flawless. From her beautifully tanned smooth skin to her unbelievably long toned legs. It was a dream come true and I just could not believe I was actually. there.

The show opened with Run the World (Girls) and we shrieked like seagulls and I legit cried. The stage lights, BeyoncĂ©'s video montages throughout the show (with baby Blue Ivy too!), the unbelievably amazing dancers (personal favourite being Les Twins from France hehe), and the fact that all the musicians were ladies, just made the show even more out of this world than it already is with her alone. Seriously, I still hyperventilate from time to time just thinking about it. Major fangirl. Guilty. Sorry not sorry.

OH and one of my favourite moments of the show would have to be towards the end of it when suddenly the whole arena blacked out. And we could see nothing but this really (annoying at first) but strong beam of light shining towards the audience. And there she was, singing Dolly Parton's I will Always Love You. We could only see the silhouette of her body and let me tell you this, she sounded perfect. It was absolutely amazing, breathtaking, unbelievable.
Bless the show, bless the Queen B. Seriously, thank you for being a big part of my life growing up and I'm pretty sure till I grow old. I'll be singing Flawless in my death bed fo sho x)

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