Friday, July 26, 2013


A rather frequently asked question. What do you do in your spare time? Asked in IELTS testing, job interviews, orientation week in school,and even when you're getting to know a stranger on the internet. And through my 2 minutes of research and study, I have concluded the ever repetitive answers:
1. Surfing the internet
2. Read my favourite novels
3. Watch TV
4. Keep up with the Kardashians
5. Catch up with my favourite TV Shows
6. Play an instrument
7. Draw

 Its somewhat an annoying and depressing question to me. It sets the benchmark real high because looking at others, you are expected (by yourself) to actually have an activity to do when you have a few hours to spare. 
I don't know about you, having to find something to do is tiring for me. What if you'd rather sit in your room, and daydream and look at old photos for an hour or so. Or what if you just wanna drive around and waste time instead of picking up a book to read?

Well friends, here are some ideas I think would enlighten you. Ideas to me that are fun, yet beneficial (in some ways).

Make a Playlist
Compile all your favorite tunes, and name it lazy friday!
Burn fm 

Make an Outfit Plan
An idea I found from Claradevi's Lucedale. Its a really refreshing post you should definitely read. Definitely makes it easier for people who take hours to decide on what to wear (exhibit A, yours truly).When you basically have outfit plans in mind, its useful for future no-idea-what-to-wear you. :) Here's my take on Outfit Planning!



Spring Cleaning!
Well, this one's pretty standard. But the good thing is, you're sure to find the things you never knew you had (and still love) or, the things you'd want to donate or sell! Either way, you're doing good to yourself by being a wee bit more organised and PLUS, make room for new stuff too! *wink wink*

SAM_0613 SAM_0625

Bake Raya Cookies
I actually made my first batch of Raya cookies last night. They're dark chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips. Unfortunately, they were too moist, not cookie-material :( Oh well, I'm gonna attempt a 2nd batch tonight. Wish me luck!
SAM_0663 SAM_0676

So that's all for now. Have an awesome Ramadhan!

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