Monday, July 15, 2013



So I told my mom that my last post was about Phuket and that I'm still eighteen 'on my blog'.
"Malas is clearly an understatement for your case, girl"

Well, since I practically have nothing on my plate at the moment, I vow to at least attempt to be a little less lazy with updating my blog. This time I'm serious. My blogshop will be edited to neaten things up, and I shall prove to myself (atleast) that malas is infact NOT an understatement for me. For those sweet sugar honey pumpkin pies who asked on whether, Ill be continuing the blog, yes I will. But quite frankly, Ill need time to source for better materials to sell in order to branch out instead of sticking to preloved clothes. Don't get me wrong, that was my intention at first, but the online clothing market is getting ultra competitive, so I'll need to do a lil better than simply sellling preloved sun dresses and tops to at least be noticed. Especially when online shoppers are resorting to Instagram instead of Blogger.

Without going into my hormonal rage against shopping on instagram, i mentioned having an empty plate earlier.By empty plates, I mean no more A Levels (yes, I graduated!), no more chemistry tests to study for on weekends for now, at least, and no more fixed regimes! I am beyond ecstatic about finally finishing my studies in KYUEM, however the morning of graduation, prom, and our last End of Semester Dinner, were all bittersweet moments. Let me just state here that an attempt to stay awake through General Studies would be relatively easier than trying to hold in my tears through the last week in college. To all my friends and those dearest to me, blood may be thicker than water, but friendship is thicker than both. And in 15 years' time or so, if I dont get wedding invitation cards from any of y'all, I'll be there. In black.

No bunch of people in the world would be able to replace the friends i made in KY. They're just the right mixture of beauty and intelligence, the funniest and goofiest group of people, and the greatest of friends who'd tie you to a light pole and bash you with buckets of rotten food (and nestum). Let me tell you, it takes work to actually preserve rotten food. The will power to withstand the smell for days even weeks,can only be found in true friendship k.

I love you guys more than life itself and I am eternally grateful to Allah for giving me the chance to have known all of you, even in this short yet biggest phase of my life. Alhamdulillah.

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To Nadia, Alysha, Amal, Sarah, Zati, Fatin, Anusha, Syazana, Syaza, Syifa, Aira, Mel, Diyana, Nani, Dee, Kaveetha, Karish, Sonia, Aqie, Anis, Pana, Fa in, Sherry, Azam, Kanda, Olan, Tariq, Ariff, Zak, Hakim, Iman, Aidil, Ah Chong, Bob, Julian, Hatim, Farhan, Izmal, this one's for you.

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