Wednesday, June 22, 2011



*Wearing chiffon batwing top with laced square neckline (sungei wang), stone washed skinny jeans (topshop), buckled wedges (online shop), peacock feather ring (F21), braided gold headband (F21)

Hello there, obviously this is my very first post and for some reason, im kind of anxious. Writing down feelings, deepest indescribable thoughts, reminiscing events far more valuable than simple words. Quite frankly, letting go of the past was never a cup of tea for me. One of the many reasons of this is actually letting go. Saying goodbye to my first love, the hours spent laughing and crying over high school dramas and saying goodbye to bestfriends who were the bread to my butter and now almost strangers. All of us have a shadow or a past we wish to feed to the sharks and walk away from but the ugly truth is, the only way to get over it is just to face it. Face all those wrong turns and turn them into life lessons. This marks a change for me, for a better and stronger me.

Song of the day: Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles (Video's just because he's cute haha )

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