Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Very excited for an all girls trip to Bandung tomorrow for four days, three nights. Well, not exactly girls. Ladies. Explanation: im going with my mom, and my two aunts. I cant wait because if there were actually guys tagging along, our shopping trips would turn into coffee shop trips. Yes, it does. Anyways, about the bazaars last weekend, Chic Pop was super duper. Met with beautiful Anabu, Nawwar the owner of Stellar, which, what a small world, knows my aunty sara. SMALL SMALL WORLD. I didnt take much pictures sadly :( Good thing is, I was lucky to be spotted by one of the style scouts at Chic Pop Market 8 for the style shot contest hee. Thank you so much tongue in chic!

Anyways Krusty Market was so so. I guess we came a bit too late that most of the things were sold off. All in all, i bought 5 items. And tomorrow im going to Bandung. Luckily my mom knew, because she saw me hand washing all of them yesterday and she just gave me the 'stare'. The stare that will affect my spending in Bandung and maybe my duit raya.

Oh well, ive gotta get ready for bed. Sorry just kidding myself, im gonna go watch some series called Melrose Place which seemed kind of interesting because Ashlee Simpson's in it and the hot dude which appeared once in Life Unexpected. x)

Song of the day: Sway by The Kooks

Good night!

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