Monday, January 9, 2017


SO, I'm procrastinating with work a little, but might as well channel it to writing. Or introducing something good (?) to the world. I am not a massive fan of the Lumineers, partly because when the song Hey Ho came out, I was in Malaysia and it was played endlessly on the radio, in malls, in the toilet in malls, remixed instrumentally in some cubicles in the toilet in malls, it was everywhere basically. So it became one of those things where the idea of the Lumineers just.. nauseated me. Which isn't fair because I hardly gave them a chance. drama

But my dear friends, I just recently discovered their music video for 'Sleep on the Floor' and my goodness me, it was art. I was so moved, touched everywhere, my God so much feels guys. *hyperventilates*
 If you have seen it, which I am sure most of you have, I apologise for being late to the club. You can skip this part then. haha.
So for those of you who have not, in summary, it is a true (don't quote me on this one, I gathered it from one of the YT comments. super reliable I know) love story, where this guy asks his lover to run away with him to sort of "escape this town" on the day of her father's funeral.  Everything was beautifully shot, they left in the audio of the conversations, laughs, and background noise, which I found beautiful. And this is where it gets interesting. 3 music videos form a storyline.
After you watch Sleep on the Floor, you need to watch 'Angela', and then Cleopatra. It is of course open to interpretation, but it is of relevance to one another and forms a short story together. I was left feeling super emotional by the end of it and it kept me thinking.. a lot.
About everything, well life in general and how whatever you choose to do, leaves a significant mark. Amazing.

My second find is due to some random browsing on Spotify and under the concerts list, lo and behold, I discover that JoJo is performing in Dublin this Sunday! I can hear my teenage self scream with disappointment to my utter ignorance of SUCH AN EVENT. I never knew until today! My entire awkward pubertal phase circulated around her songs and well, I was kind of disappointed that tickets are out of reach at this point. obviously.
But anyways I listened to some of her new stuff, and they're not too bad. Quite good actually, all grown up, eyebrow piercing and everything. Adore it. Wish I could've gone for her show but oh well, maybe next time Jo.

Have a good week ahead guys

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