Tuesday, June 5, 2012


What's love? Is it something we grew up believing in because of Nicholas Sparks novels-turned-movies or is it something our friends say to their lovers that we so hope we could say it to ours too. That is, if we have one. Maybe its a lie. Maybe its created by man to make people think what they want to think. The feverish kisses, the sickly feeling of missing that other person, or the pterodactyls in our tummies, day and night after the first date. Or maybe you just wish so badly that you're actually in that condition, hoping to feel like you're dancing in the clouds, skipping a heartbeat to the sound of his/her voice or even sweaty palms to the bare thought of that person. In a relationship or not, we're young spirited hearts and whether we're brave enough to admit it or not, we're secretly wishing to find our other half.
Why such a draggy post after a month of abandonment? Well, let's just say, my mind functions in  somewhat a tipsy way eversince my AS Levels exams started in college. Prom's getting closer, its next week, actually. Excitement level? Uncertain.
Tune of the day: Emmylou by The First Aid Kit

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